The Torment of Relg Thargûrm

Inquiries at Inebriated Waterfowl

Last session Saxon and Barid headed to the Drunk Duck to find someone who knows more about ratfolk. They learn of a shady wizard west of town, at the edge of the Windswept Wall who is rumored to employ ratfolk. The two travel out on the road but have to leave the safety of civilization for the forest in order to avoid the known dangers of the Mermaid’s Tears. But they were followed.

Before they enter the forest a mysterious figure reveals himself as Omortag, a fellow that can get himself in and out of tricky places. He offers his services if there is monetary gain to be had.

In the forest they are assaulted by a tree demon which uses most of its tricks to attempt to ensnare them. It bashes Saxon about the head, but its sap boils when Barid uses shocking grasp upon it.

Outside the western edge of the forest they rest, undisturbed in the windy night.



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