The Torment of Relg Thargûrm

Burning Down the House

Skulking towards the ruined tower and building Omortag spots a ratfolk moving towards the tower. It sniffs the air and hurriedly disappears around the back. Saxon lifts the wizard & rogue up into an open window – the bars have long since rusted away. He waits by the front entrance, “Shout loudly and I will kick down the door”.

Inside Barid and Omortag find some mundane writings and spook a ratfolk with a cup of tea. There is a crash and above a voice shouts “Who dares disturb the work of Mortan?!” – prompting Saxon to kick in the door. Two ratfolk assult Barid and Omortag, another runs away. Saxon kicks another door – which triggers a javelin trap, impaling him in the chest, but he keeps on kicking down that door. On the other side is a hulking ratfolk warrior with a huge sword and it swings at Saxon.

Barid and Omortag dispatch the ratfolk, Omortag goes to assist Saxon while Barid feels a compulsion sweep over himself but shakes it off. It is followed by cursing above and he sees an ugly dwarven wizard with a goat-like goatee and fur-trimmed skullcap. He holds a staff topped with a skull of a man or dwarf and two ratfolk skulls tied to it.

Omortag helps to slay the ratfolk warrior and Saxon charges into the passage beyond – ratfolk fleeing before him. The wizard too takes to the passage to flee, but Saxon barrels through over two of the rat creatures and seizes the wizard. Trapped and fighting for their master, the ratfolk hack madly at Saxon’s back, bringing him down bleeding just before Omortag cuts them down and Barid electrocutes them with magic. The wizard flees upwards into the mountain cave.

Saxon is revived with the last potion, and Omortag sneaks up the passage behind the wizard. At the top is an open chamber, looking out to the sea, the wizard has gathered a bundle and is fretting, pacing back and forth. Omortag takes the opportunity to rush the wizard and shoves him screaming over the edge.

But the curses following the fall reveal the wizard had some tricks still. They recover the bundle – a startlingly perfect clockwork arm. Further investigation by Saxon uncovers a giant spider’s lair – and he is brought down after forcibly removing two of its legs. His strong constitution completely ignores the venom though. Omortag sweeps the wizards workroom and recovers another parcel and the three swiftly leave carrying the barbarian on their shoulders.

Then they burn the place down.



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